A person may have alot of muscle or a large frame, but be considered “over-weight” by many height/weight charts. The opposite can also be true – you can have a lot of fat and little muscle and be “over-fat” but not overweight. Our body composition test can tell you by how much.

Why is a body composition test important?

Too little body fat is linked to problems with normal, healthy functioning in both men and women. It can also lead to problems with reproduction in women. Too much body fat, especially when located around the abdomen, is associated with increased risk of many diseases, including type II diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and certain cancers. Obesity alone is a risk factor for early death. Yet through appropriate exercise and nutrition the proportions of fat to muscle may be changed and these risks significantly reduced. With our testing we can help you achieve your primary body composition goal. By knowing your body fat percentage, and the range it falls in, you can take measures to improve your health and reduce your risk for various diseases. 

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